About Us
Promoted     by    qualified    and   experienced    professionals,      KEMONA  IMPEX,         is   led by Dr.  MONICA   AGRAWAL, having   technical  expertis in the  field  of    Biochemistry  and   Applied Biology.  With   her  vast  working   experience  in  pharmaceutical company,    we are committed to serve and build Nation.

KEMONA IMPEX is a young  and  fast  growing  organization  engaged  in  the  manufacturing, Supplying,    Importing and   Exporting  of   Premium   quality   Precious  Metal   Salts,   Metal and Metallic  salts ,  Amino  Acid  and  its        Derivatives ,   Biological  Stains , Dyes  and Indicators ,  High   grade  Pharmaceutical Chemicals and varied Industrial Safety.

KEMONA IMPEX is committed in its efforts to continually grow and forge new alliances. Experience gained through our business associations and adoption of new ideas, KEMONA will continue to serve and support its clients and business partners well into the future.

Our focus is onbuilding strategic partnerships with customers.Confidentiality , Integrity Quality are the components of our operating philosophy.

Quality Policy
Quality policy is the unquestioned responsibility of KEMONA IMPEX.

Our commitment focuses on fairness in pricing, with fast response to an order,  with products that meet customer requirements and specifications on time every time.  We produce  custom products to meet customer needs  with  just-in-time    delivery.     KEMONA IMPEX  is    the  most  efficient  supplier customers can depend on.

We look  forward  to  the opportunity  to  work  with  our  valued  customers and satisfy their requirements for each application.

We will strive to meet  customer's expectations consistently.  We  will  further  leverage   its position   in  existing  and new markets by  winning  customer's trust through reliable product support.

We will achieve leadership by continuously  developing  capabilities  to  offer  innovative and reliable products to our customers at a cost which is value for money.

Our Vision
To achieve continuous growth and improvement in our business,  the Company has  established
a vision to strive for.

"To  Emerge and  be  Recognized  Globally as  a Renowned  Provider of  World  Class  Quality
Chemical and Industrial products, delivering Outstanding Services to our Valued customers".

Our Mission

Customer satisfaction is not a goal - it is a requirement. We are dedicated to- 

         To be a skilled company that is energetic,  empowered and enthusiastic in our service. 

        To provide value to  our   customers by  supplying  internationally established  quality 
                products and services that exceed our customers' expectations.

         To maintain consistency in delivery schedule and supply reliability.

        To deliver products as  per  specifications of  the customer at most competitive prices.
         To conduct all activities with customers and vendors with respect, dignity, trust and
         To  commit  to continuous  improvement  and  innovation  to  keep  our  customers  for

         To contribute to society, confirming our  role  in the world  as  an  excellent  company

Our Core Values

Our core values drive every aspect of our business:

Integrity : Honesty in all business practices and relationships

Quality : Commitment to provide quality service, products and value to our customers

Pursuit for Excellence : Passion to aim for the best

Courtesy : Respect for differing opinions and points of view